Vice President Visits Pittsburgh To Campaign For Clinton & McGinty

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) — They lined up at Chatham University at least five hours early on a very crisp fall day. “My feet are pretty cold. They’re a little purple,” said Paige Oswald of Greensburg. And some designed their own t-shirts. “We want to show Vice President Biden our shirts,” said Brandy Muth of Templeton. Sarah Jugovic was the first to get in. “We got in line at 6:45 a.m.” Her reward? A selfie with Vice President Joe Biden. Many said it was about time a president or vice president came to Chatham. “Chatham is the place. We have a school sustainability. We’re environmentally conscious. We are on the cutting edge of so many different disciplines,” said marketing professor Debbie Delong. And the Vice President seemed genuinely surprised. “By the way, I’ve been all over Pittsburgh my whole life. I’ve never been to this magnificent campus. It’s beautiful, really beautiful,” […]

Could Spotlight on Abortion Sway Millennial Voters?

Abortion is one of the social issues that most divides millennial opinion with over 40% of the demographic arguing for and over 40% arguing against its legality. Though recent polls show Americans shy away from the labels “pro-life” and “pro-choice”, the issue is undoubtedly on their radar, and it was about time the candidates address such a contentious issue directly when the subject was brought up in the third and final Presidential Debate on October 19th. Unsurprisingly Donald Trump and Secretary Clinton’s views were distinctly polarized. As per usual, Trump’s less than politically correct choice of words garnered a huge amount of attention. His response to late-term and partial birth abortions was that of deep opposition; ‘You can take the baby and rip the baby out of the womb in the ninth month on the final day. And that’s not acceptable.’ His graphic language bore steep reactions from the […]

Pence in Toledo: Believe in a Trump victory

Republican vice-presidential nominee Mike Pence jogged from his airplane to the stage at Toledo Express Airport Tuesday and ripped through a speech aimed at encouraging supporters of nominee Donald Trump to believe he can win and to go out and vote early. “The media has been doing half of Hillary Clinton’s work,” he said inside the chilly hangar, with his vice presidential “Make America Great Again” jet sitting behind him on the tarmac. “Truth is, we’re leading in Ohio; we’re leading in many national polls,” he asserted. “If you go out and make sure Ohio is ready, we will elect Donald Trump as the 45th president of the United States, and we will make America great again.” Of more than a dozen national polls listed in the popular site , all but one show Democrat Hillary Clinton leading Mr. Trump. Recent polls in Ohio show Mr. Trump with […]

Down Ticket #23: Can Democrats really win back the House? Watch these three races to find out

View photosMore The Senate side of the Capitol on Oct. 11. Republicans are in a close race with Democrats to keep control of both the House and the Senate. (Photo: Mark Wilson/Getty Images) Down Ticket is Yahoo News’ complete guide to the most fascinating House, Senate and governors’ races of 2016. Coming to you every Tuesday and Thursday until Nov. 8. What you need to know today. _____ The three House races that could predict whether a Democratic wave is heading for Capitol Hill With Election Day fast approaching, a lot of this year’s marquee battles are looking less and less suspenseful. But at least one of them is still a big mystery. The presidency is the likeliest lock of all. On Sept. 26, Hillary Clinton had a 54.8 percent chance of becoming America’s next commander in chief, according to the data whizzes at FiveThirtyEight , who feed the […]

For some conservative female pundits, this election has been a nightmare

Conservative commentator Amanda Carpenter’s vocal criticism of Donald Trump has made her a target online. She talks about her experience, and her anger at Trump’s supporters within the Republican party. (Deirdra O’Regan/The Washington Post) In CNN’s green room, the conservative women saturating the cable network’s prime-time lineup this election season typically make small talk about baseball and their families. But recently, the silence backstagecan be deafening. Especially when the subject is Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump and his behavior toward women. These women are seated together waiting to step on stage and continue the very public fight within the Republican Party over how women should be treated. This painful debate plays out nearly every night in front of millions of viewers — it has only gotten more graphic and personal since the release of a 2005 videotape depicting Trump boasting about groping women. A steady stream of women have […]

The Latest: Clinton picks up endorsement from UK’s Adele

Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton speaks at a rally at Broward College in Coconut Creek, Fla., Tuesday, Oct. 25, 2016. (Andrew Harnik/Associated Press) WASHINGTON — The Latest on the U.S. presidential race (all times EDT): 10:13 p.m. Hillary Clinton is attending an Adele concert in Miami and picking up some support along the way. Clinton spokesman Nick Merrill says the singer said onstage that while she can’t vote in the U.S. she is “100 percent for Hillary Clinton,” adding: “I love her. She’s amazing.” Merrill says Adele told the audience that while she is British, “what happens in America affects me too.” Merrill says it was not apparent that Adele knew Clinton was at the show on the eve of her 69th birthday. Reporters traveling with Clinton were not allowed to accompany her inside the arena. ___ 8:55 p.m. Hillary Clinton is getting an early birthday present — an […]

If Trump Is a Fascist, Why Can’t He Seize Power?

All I have is a voice To undo the folded lie, The romantic lie in the brain Of the sensual man-in-the-street And the lie of Authority Whose buildings grope the sky: There is no such thing as the State And no one exists alone; Hunger allows no choice To the citizen or the police; We must love one another or die. So wrote W.H. Auden in his immortal poem September 1, 1939 . Today, two weeks before Election Day, is nowhere near as dark. Liars with buildings that grope are still a scourge, but America’s anti-authoritarian immune system seems to be working: Donald Trump’s poll numbers look dismal and he was humiliated by his elite peers at the Al Smith Dinner. The admittedly lame neologism Trumplosion has been coined. But we should not be incautious; the votes aren’t in yet. The philosophy of rational pessimism dictates that we assume […]

Emails show Clinton camp scrambling over 2015 threat of Biden run

To view this page ensure that Adobe Flash Player version 10.2.0 or greater is installed. Newly revealed emails detail how Hillary Clinton’s allies scrambled last year to head off a brewing presidential bid from Vice President Biden — showing just how close he came to running and the role an ex-Biden aide played in the "demise" of that idea. Biden was well-known to have considered challenging Clinton, the eventual Democratic presidential nominee, to be the party’s standard-bearer before taking himself out of the running a year ago. However, the hacked emails of Clinton Campaign Chairman John Podesta that have been released by WikiLeaks pull back the curtain on how seriously Biden was planning for a campaign – and how seriously Clinton’s staffers took that threat. The first mention of a Biden run in the Podesta emails came on June 11, when former U.S. Ambassador to Hungary Eleni Kounalakis told […]

Trump Camp Shuts Down Major Fundraising For Joint Effort With RNC

The Donald Trump campaign has wound down its major joint fundraising efforts with the Republican National Committee, the campaign’s finance chair confirmed to the Washington Post Tuesday , meaning that for the final stretch of the race the party apparatus will not benefit from the financial flow that typically comes from the top of the ticket. The Trump campaign said it held its last formal fundraiser nearly a week ago, though it will continue to take in online donations. The Post described the move as "highly unusual" and "a serious blow to the GOP’s effort to finance its get-out-the-vote operation before Election Day." The party was receiving a "vast majority" of the major donations made at joint fundraising events, according to the Post, which were held under the banner of the Trump Victory committee. Only 20 percent of online donations made to the joint committee go to the RNC, […]

Amid lagging polls, Trump stops holding high-dollar fundraisers

TALLAHASSEE — Donald Trump’s campaign said Tuesday that it has scheduled no more big-money fundraising events to benefit the Republican Party, another sign of the GOP nominee’s struggling campaign and a serious blow to the party’s get-out-the-vote operations with less than two weeks to go until Election Day. The consequences of halting major fundraisers will compound the challenges facing a candidate and a party already straining to match Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton’s much larger and better- financed operation. Unlike Clinton, who has an extensive turnout operation of her own, Trump and many other GOP candidates down the ballot are relying heavily on the Republican National Committee to bring voters to the polls. In another sign of unexpected weakness, Trump also announced that Indiana Gov. Mike Pence, the GOP vice-presidential nominee, will pay a visit Wednesday to Utah, where polls show Trump is at risk of losing what has been […]